Bellevue Bowl

785 Bellevue Rd.
Atwater, CA 95301
(209) 358-6466




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 Winter Leagues

Bellevue Bowl's Winter Leagues run from mid August through April

   Monday's - J.R./ Adult 7 P.M.
- Monday Merchants 7 P.M.

   Tuesday's - Seniors 1 P.M.
- Guys & Dolls 7 P.M.
  Wednesday's - Bellevue Commercial Classic 7 P.M.

  Thursday's - Central Valley Neisi League 7:30 P.M.

   Friday - Friday Mixed 7 P.M.

  Sunday - Jr./Adult
-Youth Leagues


Summer Leagues

Bellevue Bowl's Summer Leagues run from early May thru August

 Monday's - Peterson Draft Trio 7 P.M.

Tuesday's - Bellevue Seniors 1 P.M.

               & Tuesday Jubilee 7 P.M.

Wednesday's - Wednesday Afternoon Doubles 12:00 P.M.

Thursday's - Thursday Jubilee 7 P.M.


At Bellevue Bowl we make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have fun.

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We have leagues for all ages and abilities


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